Milestone Documents: Now Optimized for Homeschool Classrooms

The innovative approach of Milestone Documents is now available to the homeschool market.

Milestone Documents puts primary sources — the letters, legislative acts, court decisions, and speeches that have helped shape the world we live in —front and center in your homeschool, to help hone skills in critical thinking, research, writing, and digital literacy.

milestone documents something for summer


The homeschool edition includes a master educator account for parents, allowing YOU to assign readings and quizzes.

Milestone Documents is an online learning service for high school and undergraduate classrooms in history and related disciplines, comprised of a group of liberal arts graduates and history nerds, professional editors and writers and researchers.

If you missed the flyer in your Home Educators Cooperative Book Fair Welcome Bag with the special link to request a free 2-week trial, Milestone Documents has set up an even better deal now!

More than merely names, dates, and events in a bland textbook, the materials include commentary and analysis to help students make sense of the sources and build skills: research, writing, critical assessment and thinking, pattern recognition, and drawing conclusions based on sound evidence.

Subject Areas include:
U.S. History
World History
European History
American Government
World Religions


Documents are listed chronologically within the subject area and feature:

Overview Audience Further Reading
Context Impact Glossary
About the Author Essential Quotes How to Cite
Explanation 7 Analysis Document Text Related Documents

For an affordable annual price of $69.95, the Homeschool Edition Plan contains:

Master educator account and up to 5 student accounts.

Private assignments page where you list material to be read with due dates.

Complete access to all 1,700 primary sources in the collection,
including commentary written by historians and scholars.

Students can highlight and take notes; you can annotate sources for your students.

Study questions and short-answer questions for quizzes or paper topics.

 Here’s to a summer of  creativity, joy and a time to reflect with Milestone Documents.


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