Reverse Summer Learning Loss: TenMarks Free Math Program

TenMarks Free Summer Math Program for Families

If you’re looking for a way to keep your kiddo’s math skills sharp this Summer, give this a try…

Check out this free program from Amazon – TenMarks.

It’s individualized for every student and they spend just an hour a week online.

TenMarks online program (a $39.95 value!) is free this summer,
and any student in First Grade through High School can participate.

All you need to do to start, is enter your name, zip code, email, and your child’s name and a grade level.

No credit card needed!tenmarks online math skills free summer 2015

Your student will be assigned a login and password.

After logging in, the student will take a diagnostic assessment that covers core topics from the last school year.

The TenMarks online program is adjustable to fit your student’s level.

Getting Started:
1) Give username and password to your child.
*Note: if you are using the same browser as your child, please be sure to log out of your parent account before having your child log in to the student account. 2) After logging in, your child will take a diagnostic assessment that covers core topics from the last school year.
2) Create custom rewards to help encourage your child. Custom incentives motivate your child to build their math skills and confidence.  The rewards are personal and totally up to you… pizza, video games, puppies, a visit to the zoo — anything from stickers to tablets!
NOTE: TenMarks and Amazon are not involved in providing rewards. Rewards are completely up to you to create and give to your child.

Follow or Modify Your Child’s Program

  • Keep track of your child’s progress on the Reports Page.
  • Optionally, add and remove topics or change the order of your child’s program on the Assignments page.
  • If the program is too challenging or easy, you can reset the program with a different grade level.

Students Earn Points and Level Up

  • Students can track their own progress.
  • Every assignment completed earns an extra 100 points plus a performance bonus.
  • Jam Session questions earn an extra point for every correct answer.

Motivate Your Child and Watch Their Progress!

    • Create multiple rewards which your child will earn in sequence.
    • Come back to watch your child’s progress.

NOTE: TenMarks and Amazon are not involved in the fulfillment of any reward.


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