Wisconsin CHEA Chicago Christian Heritage Trip

WI CHEA Chicago Christian History Trip Oct 20152015 Wisconsin CHEA Chicago Christian Heritage Trip
Saturday, October 3
rd, 8 am to 10 pm

This fall, Wisconsin CHEA will be hosting a very special Christian Heritage Chicago History Trip.

This exciting tour is open to ALL AGES and ALL PEOPLE– NOT just homeschoolers! Invite your friends, family and neighbors. Go ahead and spread the word, but hurry and get your registration in soon because seats are filling up fast!

  • Learn about baseball player turned evangelist Billy Sunday, and visit his grave. Billy Sunday was billy sundayone of the most influential evangelists of the twentieth century. Also, we will watch the biography of Billy Sunday on the bus on the way to Chicago.
  • See the most impressive collection of Biblical artifacts in the Western Hemisphere at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. oriental instituteThis collection is home to parts of the Ishtar Gate of Babylon, parts of Darius’ palaces, bricks from Nebuchadnezzar, and more.

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  • Tour “the Old Lighthouse” at the Pacific Garden Mission and watch a LIVE taping of the longest running radio drama in U.S. history— Unshackled. They will then provide a great dinner for us. pacific garden mission

Travel will be on an air-conditioned coach bus. Pickup/Drop off at Brookside Church in Brookfield, WI, and First Baptist Church in Oak Creek, WI.

COST: $35 per person; plus lunch money and a love offering for Pacific Garden Mission. Register now.

All ages are welcome, however, please note that you are paying for a seat. Therefore, ONLY a child young enough to sit on a lap all the way to Chicago and back may come for FREE. Yes, there are restrooms on the bus.

If we fill one bus soon, we MAY be able to offer a second, but not unless we have a large enough demand for that second bus.

**Please note that if you are not close enough to either pick up/drop off point, and you can get together a group of 50 people in your own area, we may be able to get a bus to your area for a pickup, and make arrangements for your bus to join us on this tour!! Please email Jan Gnacinski at jang@wisconsinchea.com for more information.

TO REGISTER, please visit:
Payment must be made at time of registration.



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