Creature Investigations at Norskedalen

Creature Investigations at Norskedalen

Summer Education Programming

Get your registration in now!

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Come to Norskedalen and Learn all About Frogs, Toads, Bats, Butterflies, and Birds 

Register Now for Workshops:

Ages 5-7      9:30-11:30   Fee:  $6/child/class ($5 for members)

Ages 8-10   1:30-4:30     Fee:  $7/child/class ($6 for members)

Creature Investigation Opportunities:

Friday, July 10-Leaping Frogs and Hopping Toads-Can you jump as far as a frog-take the leap challenge!   (Register byMonday, 6/29)


Thursday, July 23-Busting Bat Myths-Are bats really blind and do they fly in your hair? (Register by Monday, 7/13)


Thursday, August 6-Flutterby Butterfly-Check out Norskedalen’s field for butterflies-how many kinds can we find? (Register by Monday, 7/27)


Wednesday, August 19-Bird Basics-Why do different birds have different beaks-try out a beak or two and see what you would eat! (Register by Monday, 8/10)


Limit 12, class will be cancelled if insufficient enrollment.

School / Summer Program Group Accommodations

Have a group?   Norskedalen’s regular classes are available to groups with a minimum of 15 students (25 for Pioneer Life).  Choose from: Skin and Bones; Owl Prowl; Nature Hike; Pioneer Life; Trees, Forests & You; and Wetland Wonders. Call Norskedalen for scheduling and fee information, 608-452-3424

Contact:  Mary Dresser,

Norskedalen Education & Community Outreach Coordinator





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