100+ of The World’s Great Novels as Radio Programs

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The World’s Great Novels

by NBC University Theatre 

Today, Learn Out Loud is featuring “The World’s Great Novels” radio series put on by The NBC University of the Air in 1940s.

These dramatized radio novels generally ran an hour long and serve as great introductions to these works of literature.

Everything from Voltaire’s Candide to George Orwell’s 1984 with a full cast along with a narrator…

For you to download – for free!

The books can be streamed on audio from Archive.org or downloaded as a whole or individually. To download the individual episodes on Archive.org click “SHOW ALL” under “DOWNLOAD OPTIONS” and you’ll be able to select the MP3s of the titles you want to download.

Please note, that although these are billed as classic literature, it is always recommended that parents preview all selections for appropriateness.

Here are some of the works featured along with their running times:

A Farewell To Arms – 59:28
Candide – 29:45
Peter Ibbertson – 29:46
The Purloined Letter – 29:44
Lord Jim – 59:29
They Stooped to Folly – 59:29
Of Human Bondage – 59:29
A Passage to India – 59:28
Three Soldiers – 59:29
After Many a Summer Dies the Swan – 59:32
Alice in Wonderland – 59:29
The Grapes of Wrath – 59:32
Tom Jones – 59:30
Pride and Prejudice – 59:30
Tales of Edgar Allen Poe – 59:32
The Pickwick Papers – 59:32
Jane Eyre – 59:29
Moby Dick – 59:29
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – 49:59
The Red Badge of Courage – 59:29
The Ides of March – 59:32
Point of No Return – 59:29
The Crusaders – 59:29
1984 – 55:02
For Whom the Bells Toll – 59:32
Point of No Return – 59:29
Great Expectations – 59:32
After Many a Summer Dies the Swan – 54:58
The Doctor in Spite of Himself – 59:32
Hedda Gabler – 59:31
Lost Horizon – 59:30
Don Quixote – 59:29
Northanger Abby – 29:46

Introduce yourself to one of these great books today!

The World’s Great Novels



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