Online Animation and Drawing Classes Taught by a Homeschool Dad

animation class
Chad Stewart, former Disney animator and homeschool Dad is offering online animation and drawing classes.

Chad has been a professional animator for the past 26 years, working in the traditional hand-drawn style to animate Tarzan, The Emperor’s New Groove and Fantasia 2000, and animating on the computer for Polar Express, Open Season and Surf’s Up.

Now he teaches students online, offering a 12 week online animation course for 11-18 year olds and an online drawing class for multiple ages.

Sessions start in the Spring, Summer, and Fall with each session running 12 weeks.

Weekly classes are one hour long and the cost is $300 for the full 12 weeks.

Each class meets live for one hour a week in an Adobe Connect virtual classroom where the students interact directly with the teacher. For each assignment there is a You Tube video to walk you through the drawing process. Homework can range from 2-6 hours depending on the complexity of your animation projects. Students get a custom critique on projects with technical pointers and encouragement.

Through the 4 levels in the course, your student will learn the 12 principals of animation, dive into physical locomotion and acting, learn storyboarding and make a movie!

The next session starts January 25, 2016.

Enrollment is limited to 20 students per class, so they tend to fill up very quickly, but you can hold your child’s spot with a non-refundable $50 registration fee.

No special software is needed for the weekly classes.

Students will need an animation program for assignments in The Animation Course.  Students can use one of the suggested software programs (2 are free and the other is a professional level program which you can buy at a  50% discount) or another one.

No software is needed for the assignments with the Drawing Course.

Animation LEVEL 1 Covers:

  • The Principles of Animation
  • Traditional Hand Drawn Animation
  • Computer Generated Animation
  • Joint Critiques of Student Work
  • Animation History
  • “How did they do that?” – Explanation of Visual Effects

Drawing LEVEL 1 Covers:

  • Perspective & How to “See”
  • Texture & Line and Shape
  • Design
  • Light, Shadow & Silhouette
  • introduction to “Creating a Character”
  • and much more


Chad animation class small logoand Kayla Stewart


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