New Leadership for Wisconsin Parents Association


Wisconsin Parents Association (WPA) is a statewide, inclusive, grassroots organization to work with homeschoolers to maintain educational freedom.  Since 1984 WPA has worked to help homeschool families.

News from WPA — new leadership will begin January 1, 2016.

Larry and Susan Kaseman are retiring from their WPA staff positions

Larry and Susan Kaseman have had a long and rewarding experience serving WPA for the past 32 years; Susan as Senior Program Specialist and Larry as Executive Director.

Over the past two years, Larry and Susan have worked with the WPA Board to ensure a successful transfer of the work they have been doing, and are pleased that this effort has been fruitful.

Beginning January 1, 2016, Pamela Roland will be WPA’s President. In
addition to her overall leadership and oversight of WPA, she will have
primary responsibility in the areas of WPA’s public policy, work with
Regional Contacts, legislative work, and conference workshop coordination.
Pamela has been deeply involved with WPA for many years, working closely
with Susan in planning and conducting WPA conferences; doing workshops;
speaking before homeschool support groups; working with WPA’s Regional
Contacts; serving on WPA’s Board; and working with Larry on legislative issues.
Also beginning on January 1, Jen Lynch will be WPA’s Executive Director.
Jen will have primary responsibility for the day-to-day managerial,
administrative, and fiscal operations of WPA. In addition, she will be
taking responsibility for the WPA newsletter, Facebook page, and
fundraising. Jen has been a homeschool support group leader for many years,
presented workshops at WPA conferences, and attended recent WPA Board
meetings. She also brings a wealth of experience in founding and running
small businesses; working with non-profit organizations; and using
sophisticated software programs for databases, accounting, emails,
websites, and page layouts to carry out this work.

2016 finds WPA on solid ground 

Membership has grown, the annual conference has increased to over 800 attendees, donations are up, and more homeschoolers are sharing their time and talents with WPA. WPA will continue to work with a level of moral and ethical commitment to the principles established over the years.
Wisconsin homeschoolers are committed to their families and to homeschooling, which gives a grassroots organization like WPA strength, energy and joy.


Support WPA — they support all of us in so many ways!


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