Give Me Twenty Reading Readiness Challenge for Pre-schoolers

Book It!
shines a spotlight on establishing a reading routine for young readers and families by issuing the Give Me Twenty Challenge each spring and fall.

The goal of the challenge is to build reading-readiness skills and develop an at-home reading routine over an eight-week period.

The Give Me Twenty challenge is open to anyone who has a preschooler.

Parents can do this with their own children or it can be done in classrooms or child care facilities.



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How does it work?

1. Read to your child(ren) for at least 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week during the 8 weeks of the challenge.

2. Keep track of how much reading is completed. You may use the reading activities included in the challenge.

3. Prizes! When you complete the challenge you can enter to win prize packages.


Here’s the link for the information you need to register and get started:
Spring Give Me Twenty Challenge


The Kissing Hand, written by Audrey Penn is the featured partner for the Book It! Spring Give Me Twenty Reading Challenge.


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