Programming and Robotics Classes in Janesville

Engineering, Programming and Robotics in Madison and Southern Wisconsin for Elementary and Middle School Students

STEM For Kids provides a fun learning environment for program participants.
Brain research shows that fun is an important ingredient for learning and memory. LEARN MORE

WHY homeschoolers love STEM for Kids 

Multi-age programs
Innovative curricula
Real-world based problem solving
Leadership opportunities
Open ended possibilities
Flexible delivery
4 C’s Focus:  collaboration,
creativity, communication, critical thinking
Intrinsically motivating – low stress- high challenge
Relevant topics
Activity based
Happy- relaxed environment
Celebrate all successes big and small;
learn from all mistakes, big and small
Learning to learn, not test
It is FUN!


Janesville Offerings

Computer Programming for Kids ages 7-11
Wednesday: 10:30– 12:00
Oct. 26– Dec 14, 2016

Robotics for Kids ages 7-11
Fridays: 10:30-12:00
Oct 28– Dec 16, 2016

NO Classes Thanksgiving Week

Orchard View Alliance Church
2707 Bond Place, Janesville, WI

COST: ONLY $12/Week with Discount Code

Use Code HOMESCHOOL to save 20%

See attachment for more information about STEM for Kids!

Request programming here📆

I would be happy to meet with the group any time to better explain STEM for Kids and answer questions.  Just give me a call at your convenience and we can schedule a time.  If interested, I could bring a class out to whatever location is most convenient for the members of your group.
Take Care, Donna

Donna Curtis, M.Ed
Owner and Instructor
Stem for Kids: Wisconsin-Madison


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