Herb Kohl Excellence Scholarship Program

2017 Kohl Excellence Scholarship for graduating homeschoolers in Wisconsin 

The Herb Kohl Educational Foundation provides graduating high school seniors with scholarships each year through the Kohl Excellence Scholarship Program.

The Excellence Scholarship is a one time only $5,000 award that is paid directly to the recipient’s chosen college. One hundred scholarships are awarded annually. Since 1990, the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation Excellence Scholarship Program has awarded $3,300,000 to 2,700 students.

In 2015, a homeschooled student from Hillsboro was a winner of the Kohl Excellence Scholarship.

pic2_homeThe program searches for students that excel in leadership, academics, and giving back to the community. The goal is to encourage Wisconsin youth to pursue post-secondary education in a public or non-public university, college or vocational/technical college.

The application process is divided between public school students, religious and independent school students, and homeschooled students.


This is a competitive scholarship. Students will be evaluated on their leadership, citizenship, school and community involvement, and academic achievement. In addition, students will be evaluated on their ability to clearly articulate goals in each of four areas: future educational goals, personal life goals, community/society service goals, and career goals. See How Your Application Will Be Scored for details.

Wisconsin Parents Association (
WPA) has been designated by the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation to coordinate and administer applications for homeschoolers. A WPA selection committee will review the applications and submit finalists to the Foundation.

The application form for homeschoolers is almost the same as that for other students with only minor changes because of the way homeschools are constituted. Neither Herb Kohl nor anyone in the Kohl Family plays any role in the evaluation and selection of the candidates or recipients. It requires several short essays, one 300-500 word essay, three letters of recommendation, and a high school transcript. Completed applications must be mailed by November 23, 2016.

Application forms for homeschoolers can be found on the WPA website here.

Please tell other homeschoolers about this opportunity.
Although we recommend that homeschool families become members of WPA, it is not necessary to be a WPA member to apply for the scholarships.




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