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Shakespeare in the Park. Wisconsin Style!

Shakespeare in the Park. Wisconsin Style!

America’s only traveling Shakespeare in the State Parks troupe, the Summit Players are on the road for the third season with their main man Will and “The Comedy of Errors.”

From mid-June through July, the Summit Players bring Shakespeare out in the open, with free performances as well as free theater workshops at state parks and forests throughout Wisconsin.

All the words in their shows belong to Shakespeare. There are just less of them.

Founded in 2014 by a group of Marquette University theater arts majors, the Summit Players is a seven-member, nonprofit organization whose goal is to eliminate the “Shakespeare is boring” mentality by bringing exciting, unique theatre to people all over Wisconsin.

Their short, “new cuttings” of Shakespeare’s scripts become 75 minutes of mayhem, character switches, and hilarity.

The productions are appropriate for all ages, and their 45 minute workshops, held prior to each show, are aimed at kids and “fun adults” to create a fun and educational “Shakesperience” for all!

Shakespeare out of a trunk”

The focus is on the actors and the words – just like in Shakespeare’s day. Summit Players use minimal costumes and props in their productions, which in the setting of a state park brings out the use of nature in Shakespeare’s plays.

The workshops explore the natural world through the lens of Shakespeare’s words and are designed to alleviate “iambic pentajitters” with games and working with some text. The goal is to use theatre as a learning medium and introduce children to a love of language, communicating, and constructive play, while providing adults with an enjoyable family experience.

No advance registration is needed for either the workshop or the performance.
Just show up at the designated times and enjoy!

COST: Both the performance and the workshop are free. A vehicle admission sticker is required for all vehicles entering the park and can be purchased on site.



New Moves for Girls: Summer Program – La Crosse

The Y Teen Center will be offering New Moves for Girls again this summer and is looking for participants. This free program is designed to increase activity level, improve self-image, and nutrition in 8th-12th grade girls. New Moves provides an environment in which girls can be comfortable being physically active, regardless of their size, shape or skill level. This fun, interactive program will run for 8 weeks with a graduation in the 9th week (totaling 72 hours), June 26th through August 23rd, 2017. Girls receive a free 6 month Y membership as a part of being in the program.

“We have found that a diverse range of girls have benefited from New Moves,” Sarah Johnson, YMCA Mental Health Director says of this program that she has overseen for 7 years. “Girls have reported feeling much healthier and we have seen their social and relationship skills improve dramatically. Typically there is not a dry eye at graduation!”

For more information or to refer, contact Sarah Johnson at 608-519-5497.

Sarah Johnson
Mental Health Director – LA CROSSE AREA FAMILY YMCA
Community Teen Center (La Crosse)
Dahl Family YMCA (La Crosse)
R.W. Houser Family YMCA (Onalaska)
1140 Main St, La Crosse, WI 54601
(P) 608-519-5497 (F) 608-782-9616
(E) (W)
The Y: We’re for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility

Online Animation and Drawing Classes Taught by a Homeschool Dad

animation class
Chad Stewart, former Disney animator and homeschool Dad is offering online animation and drawing classes.

Chad has been a professional animator for the past 26 years, working in the traditional hand-drawn style to animate Tarzan, The Emperor’s New Groove and Fantasia 2000, and animating on the computer for Polar Express, Open Season and Surf’s Up.

Now he teaches students online, offering a 12 week online animation course for 11-18 year olds and an online drawing class for multiple ages.

Sessions start in the Spring, Summer, and Fall with each session running 12 weeks.

Weekly classes are one hour long and the cost is $300 for the full 12 weeks.

Each class meets live for one hour a week in an Adobe Connect virtual classroom where the students interact directly with the teacher. For each assignment there is a You Tube video to walk you through the drawing process. Homework can range from 2-6 hours depending on the complexity of your animation projects. Students get a custom critique on projects with technical pointers and encouragement.

Through the 4 levels in the course, your student will learn the 12 principals of animation, dive into physical locomotion and acting, learn storyboarding and make a movie!

The next session starts January 25, 2016.

Enrollment is limited to 20 students per class, so they tend to fill up very quickly, but you can hold your child’s spot with a non-refundable $50 registration fee.

No special software is needed for the weekly classes.

Students will need an animation program for assignments in The Animation Course.  Students can use one of the suggested software programs (2 are free and the other is a professional level program which you can buy at a  50% discount) or another one.

No software is needed for the assignments with the Drawing Course.

Animation LEVEL 1 Covers:

  • The Principles of Animation
  • Traditional Hand Drawn Animation
  • Computer Generated Animation
  • Joint Critiques of Student Work
  • Animation History
  • “How did they do that?” – Explanation of Visual Effects

Drawing LEVEL 1 Covers:

  • Perspective & How to “See”
  • Texture & Line and Shape
  • Design
  • Light, Shadow & Silhouette
  • introduction to “Creating a Character”
  • and much more


Chad animation class small logoand Kayla Stewart

Wisconsin CHEA Chicago Christian Heritage Trip

WI CHEA Chicago Christian History Trip Oct 20152015 Wisconsin CHEA Chicago Christian Heritage Trip
Saturday, October 3
rd, 8 am to 10 pm

This fall, Wisconsin CHEA will be hosting a very special Christian Heritage Chicago History Trip.

This exciting tour is open to ALL AGES and ALL PEOPLE– NOT just homeschoolers! Invite your friends, family and neighbors. Go ahead and spread the word, but hurry and get your registration in soon because seats are filling up fast!

  • Learn about baseball player turned evangelist Billy Sunday, and visit his grave. Billy Sunday was billy sundayone of the most influential evangelists of the twentieth century. Also, we will watch the biography of Billy Sunday on the bus on the way to Chicago.
  • See the most impressive collection of Biblical artifacts in the Western Hemisphere at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. oriental instituteThis collection is home to parts of the Ishtar Gate of Babylon, parts of Darius’ palaces, bricks from Nebuchadnezzar, and more.

pgm logo

  • Tour “the Old Lighthouse” at the Pacific Garden Mission and watch a LIVE taping of the longest running radio drama in U.S. history— Unshackled. They will then provide a great dinner for us. pacific garden mission

Travel will be on an air-conditioned coach bus. Pickup/Drop off at Brookside Church in Brookfield, WI, and First Baptist Church in Oak Creek, WI.

COST: $35 per person; plus lunch money and a love offering for Pacific Garden Mission. Register now.

All ages are welcome, however, please note that you are paying for a seat. Therefore, ONLY a child young enough to sit on a lap all the way to Chicago and back may come for FREE. Yes, there are restrooms on the bus.

If we fill one bus soon, we MAY be able to offer a second, but not unless we have a large enough demand for that second bus.

**Please note that if you are not close enough to either pick up/drop off point, and you can get together a group of 50 people in your own area, we may be able to get a bus to your area for a pickup, and make arrangements for your bus to join us on this tour!! Please email Jan Gnacinski at for more information.

TO REGISTER, please visit:
Payment must be made at time of registration.


What is Classical Conversations?

What if your child’s school was amazing?
What if your child loved learning?
What if your family became stronger through school?

Classical Conversations is a home-centered, Christian education program that equips you to teach your children through resources and community support.The “classical” model of education divides learning into three phases based on the growth of the student:

Classical education aims to build the skills needed for leadership: logic, debate, public speaking, clear reasoning, researching, writing, and communicating.

Now, you can use a classical model on your own – without Classical Conversations…

There are plenty of books and curricula developed to teach all of the skills and provide practice to prepare students to become leaders in any field they pursue.

You can pick and choose from Charlotte Mason ideas and add the Latin, fine arts, and nature studies to round out any sort of modern education.

You can have your students study classical works of literature. Or you can become part of a Classical Conversations community!

Come learn about the mission, model and method of Classical Conversations.

Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families.

With Classical Conversations, you don’t have to go it alone!  Children along with one of their parents meet together weekly with a parent-tutor.

Corresponding to the 3 phases of classical education, Classical Conversations offers Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge programs.

Students (ages 4-11) in the FOUNDATIONS program study history, sciences, arithmetic, and geography. The tutor leads the class in five thirty-minute segments that cover new memory work, a science project, a fine arts activity, public speaking, and memory work review time.

Further success comes from being able to communicate ideas well. Learning the ESSENTIALS of language and writing, and drilling basic arithmetic facts using games for ages 9 to 11 is the next step in the Classical Conversations program. Students compose sentences and learn the rules of writing by talking about them (the dialectic model). Parents learn about English grammar and writing, too, because they attend class with their students. They watch a parent tutor model the lesson so that they can continue the lesson at home.

CC CHALLENGE covers a full curriculum of subjects for middle and high school students. There are six levels: A, B, I, II, III, and IV. Typically students begin A when they are 12 and progress through each level completing Challenge IV as a senior.  Each level progresses through math, Latin, science, and literature with additional seminars which include economics, history, philosophy, theology, logic, and drama.

Come learn about the mission, model and method of Classical Conversations.

Classical Conversations is growing and new campuses are forming in the area.  This is very exciting!

There is already a strong Classical Conversations group in the Platteville area.

Classical Conversations of Viroqua started 2 years ago and is now ready to more students for the 2015/2016 school year.

Classical Conversations Information Meeting scheduled:

Sylvan Meadows Farm Store, 207 S. Main St., Viroqua
Thursday, June 11 @ 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Contact: Cheryl Mickelsen, Director Foundations/Essentials, CC of Viroqua triviumtutor21 at gmail dot com

Cheryl is also contracting for the paid position of parent-tutor in the Classical Conversations Foundations program in Viroqua .  A tutor must be a parent of a registered Classical Conversations Foundations student (between the age of 4-12 yrs) who has an interest in promoting classical education by tutoring the weekly grammar of the seven disciplines:  History, geography, timeline, English, Latin, math, and science.  Also, opportunities to lead science experiments and fine arts activities. Registered Foundations tutors/substitutes will have attended a 3 Day Free Practicum this summer AND receive 9 hours of instruction in the afternoon sessions. Be a committed Bible-believing Christian with a Biblical worldview. Sign a contract with the Director who will have interviewed all applicants prior to being hired. The tutor is an independent contractor.

Teen Car Control Clinic in La Crosse

Gundersen Teen Car Control Clinic

If you were driving your vehicle and suddenly lost control, would you know what to do?

“Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for United States teenagers, accounting for more than one in three deaths.” Young people are at a greater risk for traffic accidents due to one major reason—lack of experience. “While teenagers represent only 5% of the total licensed population, they account for over 12% of motor vehicle crashes.” (Source)

Gundersen’s Division of Trauma is committed to keeping teens safe by offering a Teen Car Control Clinic. This free program teaches teen drivers vehicle control techniques in a controlled environment. Considering 67% of teenage motor vehicle crashes in the Gundersen service area are due to loss of control, the clinic provides young drivers a chance to hone their skills and prepare themselves for dangerous situations that may arise on the road. The clinic will not only teach the fundamentals of vehicle control during the classroom session, but it will also offer invaluable behind-the-wheel exercises with one-on-one instruction.

During the in-car portion of the clinic, instructors will familiarize students with proper braking concepts, vehicle weight transfer and cornering, and unexpected lane changes. The session is designed to heighten students’ awareness and responsiveness to real-world situations and boost confidence in their own skills.

“My son came away a much better driver, and I came away with complete confidence in his skills. I am SO very glad we took this course. Only 1 day, but it impacted him more than all of our other driving training.”

Registration for the spring session of the teen car control clinic is now open.
The dates are Saturday April 25 or Sunday April 26 from 7:45-4:30 each day.
You only attend one day. This course is offered in the spring and the fall and has been attended by many homeschooled teens in the area.

“This was so amazing. My son learned so much last fall and greatly improved his driving skills. I can’t recommend this more highly.”

The class fills up quickly!  Pre-registration is required by April 17th for this session.  See details below to register.

Saturday, April 25 or Sunday, April 26, 2015
7:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Gundersen La Crosse Campus, south parking lot.
Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

The clinic teaches fundamentals of vehicle control during classroom sessions and behind the wheel exercises. Teens will leave with an increased sense of confidence in their ability to handle their vehicle as well as increased awareness of hazards on the road. A parent/guardian must attend the course with the licensed teen (16-19 years of age).

You must use your own vehicle for the driving portion of the course.

This is a free clinic but a $50 deposit is required at registration which will be refunded in full after completion of the program. To register, go to Information about payment options can be found on the web-site.

Pre-registration is required by April 17th for the April 2015 session.

The fall dates for 2015 are October 17 and 18 and will be in Winona at the Technical College.

For more information about this program call (608) 775-2011.


This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the School District.

You must use your own vehicle for the driving portion of the course. It is recommended to use the vehicle the teen typically drives. Course requirements include:

  • Teen must be between the ages 16-19 years old
  • Participants are required to have a valid driver’s license to participate (no permit drivers)
  • A parent or guardian must attend the course with the teen
  • Car must be in good mechanical condition and safe in the opinion of the instructor. All cars will need to pass a brief safety inspection. No visible leaks of any kind.
  • The car must be legally registered, licensed and insured to participant or their parent/legal guardian.
  • No race cars or special-use vehicles. The use of Nitrous Oxide will not be allowed.
  • Tires must have visible tread.
  • The car and trunk must be cleaned of all loose items.
  • The battery and spare tire must be secure.
  • Have plenty of gas in the car for the day’s event.

Dress comfortably and according to the weather. Closed toed shoes are required. Much of the course is outdoors.

Register for a Teen Car Control Clinic
Saturday, April 25 | REGISTER
Sunday, April 26 | REGISTER

Saturday, Oct. 17 | REGISTER
Sunday, Oct. 18 | REGISTER


Contact Brenda Miller
(608) 775-3054

Teen Car Control Clinic Flier
Add your name to the waiting list
Inquire about future Teen Car Control Clinic courses

Clinics are typically held in the spring and fall.
Contact (608) 775-3054 for more information.

Creation Education Days at Living Waters

Brand New!
fall at lwbc Creation-5Living Waters, the premier creation resource in the area, has just introduced an outstanding opportunity – perfect for area homeschoolers.

Living Waters Bible Camp Creation Education Days!

Learn and enjoy creation based nature programs in the beautiful camp setting.

Discover Winter, Spring, and Fall.

fall at lwbc Creation-27

Experience hands-on learning about God’s design.

Geared for students kindergarten through high school.

climbing wall at lwbc20110621_4076

Three special days are scheduled in 2015 for you to choose from:

February 5th, April 9th, October 1st

Each Creation Education Day has three sessions; students rotate through nature class programs, followed by an activity (winter activities, adventure activities etc.).

Separate programs are designed for K – 4th Graders and 5th-12th Graders.

Basic Schedule:
10:00am Registration
10:30 Program Rotation #1
12:00pm Bring your own sack lunch
1:00-2:30 Program Rotation #2
2:30-4:00 Large Group Activity

Winter Program Feb. 5th:

K – 4th Graders
    Animal Tracking – learn basic tracking skills and how to identify animals from the signs and tracks they leave behind.
    Incredible Insects – In the Nature Center enjoy learning about some of the most incredible insects that God has created from around the world.

5th-12th Graders
    Outdoor Survival Skills – Learn skills to survive in wilderness conditions, and discover how to find complete rest and security in God through any life situation.
    Winter Tree ID – learn how God sustains trees through the cold Wisconsin winters, and how to identify different trees.

After the class program, students will participate in recreational activities…snowtubing at lwbc

broomball at lwbc

zipline at lwbc 20110621_3866


K – 4th Graders
    Sensory Hike – Learn how each of the five senses has been designed by God and how they work together to allow us to enjoy His creation.
    Bread of Life – Learn the basics of bread making and learn that Jesus is our Bread of Life.

5th – 12th Graders
    Pathfinders – Learn how to use a compass to navigate through our compass course and understand that God has given us His word and spirit to guide us through life.
    Sugar Shack Tour – Learn the biology of the maple tree and about the maple syrup making process.sugar shack at lwbc _MG_8723 1

Fall PROGRAM October 1st:

Download Postcard flyer
:K – 4th Graders
    Fishers Of Men – Expand your fishing skills as you learn the basic of rods, reels, and tackle boxes. Fishing also teaches many lessons that help us become fishers of men by sharing the love of God.
    Trout Pond Exploration – As you explore a natural spring, a beautiful stream, and a brook trout raceway you will discover what is needed in your own life for spiritual growth.
5th-12th Graders
    Wonders of Water – Marvel at water as we do experiments to reveal this incredible molecule of life. As you learn about water you will understand some awesome works of God in life and salvation.
    Pond Life Encounter – Plunge into the abundant life under water with nets and microscopes. As you discover plentiful life you will marvel at God’s provisions for your own life.

111Cost: Early Registration (prior to event) $8 per student (K-12), Day of event Registration- $12 (K-12), No cost for adults or children not yet in school. There is no program for adults however parents need to chaperone students. Please bring your own sack lunch.  Space in the lodge will be available for families to eat.

Registration the day of the event is $12 (please register early!)

Besides these Creation Education Days (described above) other events available:
Sugar Bush Day (March 22),
Homeschool Family Camp (April 27 – May 1),
Animal Kingdom Day (October 11) and the
Creation Conferences (May 1-2, October 9-10);
are all excellent options for homeschool groups to be involved at Living Waters Bible Camp. (There’s usually a need for volunteers, too!)

The purpose at Living Waters Bible Camp is to use God’s Word and His Creation, as well as adventure and relationships to draw people closer to Jesus Christ. Programs are designed with a purpose to point to God, the Creator.

LWBC UC Draft3

Missoula Children’s Theatre Returns to SW Wisconsin Area

MCT logoA little red truck  pulls into town with everything it takes to mount a full-scale musical production…except the cast.
That’s where your children come in.
On Monday, they’re cast as characters.
By Saturday, they’ve gained character – the kind that really counts.

MCT Children's what character will you be

Missoula Children’s Theatre is a fantastic opportunity for budding thespians…

Grades Kindergarten through 12th – public, private, and homeschooled!

Each child involved gets the full experience of working in a full-scale theatrical production.

If you have a child that wants to be onstage, or maybe a child that you think would benefit from being onstage,  THIS could be just what you’re looking for!

Each week-long residency begins with an open group audition and culminates in two public performances.  Fifty to sixty students grades K-12, or a combination of these ages, are cast and well rehearsed throughout the week, learning lines, songs and choreography to perform as an ensemble in producing a full-length musical.

Questions and Answers for Parents

Good family entertainment!

Performances at the end of the workshop are open to the public.

Each year the productions scheduled for the Southwest Wisconsin area change.

MCT Tours are booked by local groups, usually schools or theatres. You can check the scheduled listings to see when a tour is coming to your town.

Missoula in WI Spr2015-Sum2016 *

Bring the Missoula Children’s Theatre Tour to your town!

Exciting Creation Conference Coming to Wisconsin

“The Origin of Life:
The Improbability of
Chance, Mutation, and Natural Selection”
Sponsored by the Society of Creation
If you have ever wondered how evolutionists try to explain the origin of life, you will
want to hear Jay Seegert and Kevin Anderson speak at a creation conference, hosted by
Concordia University Wisconsin and sponsored by the CUS Society of Creation. For registration,
housing, schedule, and program information, visit the website and
click on the Conference link.

Creation Conference June 30 to July 2, 2014, Concordia University Mequon, Wisconsin

Keynote Speakers
Dr. Kevin Anderson (Creation Research Society)
Jay Seegert (Creation Education Center)

“Evolution’s Flawed Principles” Kevin Anderson

Evolutionary transformations are claimed to result from natural selection acting upon mutational change. However, this view reveals an incomplete understanding of natural selection and an inaccurate understanding of mutations.

“The Human Genome: An Icon for Creation Science” Kevin Anderson

Since the publication of the human genome sequence, our understanding of the function and structure of chromosomes has increased dramatically. In light of these new discoveries, evolutionists’ arguments, such as Junk DNA, evolutionary lineages, and Human/Chimpanzee genetic similarity, are now being discarded as erroneous.  The genome exhibits a clear evidence of design, possessing an intricate organization of overlapping genes, dual coding systems, and 4-dimensional informational activity – fully consistent with a recent creation model.

“Evolution: Probable or Problematic?” Jay Seegert

Even though certain aspects of evolution occasionally seem fairly plausible, when you “peek under the hood” to see what actually has to go on inside (in the DNA) we see a very different picture.  Presenting some cutting-edge information about DNA, this presentation clearly demonstrates that molecules-to-man evolution is virtually impossible.

“I ‘Hear’ that Evolution is Impossible” Jay Seegert

Using the human ear as the main example, this topic briefly addresses the origin of “information” and the origin of species, showing that mutations and natural selection are completely incapable of producing molecules-to-man evolution.

Jun 30 – Jul 2, 2014  (Mon-Wed)
Mon 1:00 PM – 4:45 PM*
Tue 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM*
Wed 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
* Optional free video shown in the evenings.

Concordia University
School of Pharmacy Building
12800 N. Lake Shore Drive
Mequon, WI  53097
Map Link

Conference Schedule  (updated)
Registration Form

Varies depending on how much of the conference you attend and other factors.  The cost is $55 for the entire conference, with reductions for partial attendance or multiple persons  (see web link for details).

Other Speakers:

Dr. Gary Locklair (Concordia University)
Dr. Joel Heck (Concordia University)
Dr. Scott Van Ornum (Concordia University)

Gary Locklair “Positive Creation Evidences”

God created life as matter with teleonomy (information content). All life on planet earth was originally fashioned by God. Since this is true, there should be a number of scientific evidences that can be used as support. What are these evidences and what is an effective way to present and discuss the evidence? From the Law of Biogenesis to probability; from complexity to information theory, there are many evidences to support the origin of life by God’s creative activity. Any evidence can be expressed either as a negative argument against evolution or as a positive argument in favor of creation. This presentation will focus on defining and presenting positive arguments in favor of the creation of life.

Joel Heck

“The Grand Canyon and the Flood of Noah”

The Grand Canyon is often presented as evidence for uniformitarianism and an old earth, but in reality it speaks of a cataclysmic worldwide deluge in the recent past. Belief in a worldwide flood in Noah’s day, based on Genesis 6-9, usually goes hand in hand with a high view of Scripture and a natural reading of the creation account in Genesis 1. Drawing on a week-long trip in the Grand Canyon with one of the world’s foremost Grand Canyon geologists, this topic will present evidence for the flood of Noah as seen in the fossils and sedimentary rock layers of the Grand Canyon with photos and videos taken on site. He who created all life also at one point destroyed most of that life, except for the family of Noah.

Seating is limited, so register today!

For more info or to register:


Pioneer Rendezvous School Day ~ Westfield

Pioneer Rendezvous Days is the whole weekend,
this post is specific to the Education Day for school students.

Please pass along to those who could benefit from this program.
Information on Pioneer Rendezvous Days Weekend here.

2015 * Pioneer Rendezvous Westfield Sep 2015
2014  * Pioneer Rendezvous at Westfield *
2013  * PIONEER RENDEZVOUS at Westfield 2013


10:00AM – 3:00PM

School students are invited to participate in a historical reenactment of the 1600 to 1900 fur-trading era in Wisconsin.
The militia, buck skinners and re-enactors create an atmosphere of early Wisconsin days with tipis/furs, leather crafts, open fire cooking, black powder shoots, spinning, authentic clothing and other life skills of the era.

Teachers, tell your students to:  “Please respect the campsites of the participants—they are their homes.  Do not shortcut through their campsite. ”

Students and Chaperones may bring money to purchase souvenirs from vendors. 

Payment can be made the day of the event or in advance. All Checks should be made out to Westfield Chamber of Commerce – Rendezvous Days Event.

Early Registration will be very helpful for the Event planners.

For more information on the Rendezvous School Day

For general information on Pioneer Rendezvous Days check our post here.