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Looking for ways to supplement your learning adventure? Here’s my resource mashup for you to check out.  As always, I assume that you will preview/review the sites listed before allowing your children access. With that in mind, these are some resources that I have found helpful and/or interesting.
More than 30 free resources listed.

(Updated October 2016)

Free Worksheet Reference Sheet – Download our PDF with site links.

Artips –  free art history newsletter sent out three times a week via email. 

Teach Your Monster To Read, from the Usborne Foundation, is a free online program suitable for childrusborne-teach-your-monster-to-readen in the first stages of learning to read or for older children needing a bit more practice. The games engage children through an adventure in a magical world. As they match letters to sounds, and work out blends and segments of tricky words, they’re on their way to reading full sentences. Teach Your Monster To Read keeps children focused on rehearsing and consolidating what they learn in school. Find out exactly what the game covers.   The Usborne Foundation was created by Peter Usborne, the founder and Managing Director of Usborne Publishing, one of the world’s leading children’s book publishing companies and Children’s Publisher of the Year 2012.

Free Science and American History Activities from Susan Kilbride’s Fantastic Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers.

Susan Kilbride is a homeschooling mother with a degree in biology.  A few years ago she noticed that many homeschooling parents are either uncomfortable teaching their children science, or just don’t have the time to do the necessary research to teach their children science.  Susan wrote Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers with these parents in mind, using the same methods that she used when teaching her own son. Since then, Susan has started the “Our America” history series–chapter books designed to teach American history by telling the stories of the people who lived it. She has also written a Kindle eBook titled “How to Teach About Electricity for Ages 8-13.”

There are two free science units and 5 (soon to be 6) free pdfs of American History activities, available on this page of her website. The Science Units are Atoms and Molecules for ages 8-13 and Plants for ages 4-8. They are designed to make learning science fun for kids and easy to teach for parents. The American history activities were designed to go along with the Our America historical chapter book series, but they can be used with any unit on American history.
Happy Homeschooling, from Sue Kilbride!

Crash Coursecrash course
Learning should be fun. At least that’s what John Green and his brother Hank Green try to do in their “lessons”.
The content is interesting to say the least, and in 15 minute segments not only quite entertaining but also something that you can check out first before showing it to your kids. (It is YouTube, so you have to be careful!)
John & Hank Green and friends teach you all kinds of subjects – from World History to Astronomy, Literature to Psychology, and everything in between! Check out the playlists for past courses in World History, Biology, Literature, Ecology, Chemistry, Psychology, and US History, Economics, Astronomy and much more.

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Research shows that the first year after a teen gets their license will be one of the most dangerous years of their life. That’s why Toyota and Discovery Education have partnered to createTeenDrive365:In School (formerly Toyota Teen Driver), a comprehensive program designed for educators and teens to promote safe teen driving. LEARN MORE
Classroom Resources:
Heads Up  Cost of Driving  Teen Video Challenge  Teen PSAs

Bubbles? Fire? Thermochemistry? On your ipad? For free?  YES!
ChemCrafter (named after the classic Chemcraft chemistry sets of old) is free and you can download it for the iPad at the iTunes store.  See more about the development here. Or go right to the download.

US Geography games. Learn State Capitals, locations, names, and landscapes.  Levels from beginner and up.  More than 38 games. all online and free.  There are also links on the page to US Presidents and Government games.  Plus more games are listed for learning science, history, vocabulary, and math!

USA Fact Files! Articles on US History, Culture, Ecology,and Geography

If you enjoy Charlotte Mason style (literature-based) lesson plans you may enjoy this history blog. Each week Gwen Fredette, who writes the Philadelphis Homeschool blog, posts a new, FREE lesson plan for multiple ages. The lesson plans are created especially for homeschoolers.  Gwen is the author of three homeschool science curricula, The Glory of Kings I, II, & III, and the free online History Curriculum, “U Read Thru History.” Click here to get to the site:U READ THRU History.


Make schoolwork more palatable by leading students to analyze something that will interest them and express their conclusions in writing by using movies!

Teach with movies is a free database of hundreds of films with summaries, character outlines, plot analyses, and discussion questions and worksheets that you can use to create lesson plans based on movies and film.

What language do you want to learn

When you can speak another language your world becomes bigger, richer and more inspiring. Learn with Babbel – it’s fun, easy and effective.

Columbus Day Learning resource!

From Erica Johns, Classical Composers Monthly, “this Columbus Day resource collection will make it super simple for you to just jump in and enjoy sharing the information with your kids.  We have bunches of printables, videos, and interesting things to learn.  Whether you have little tykes or teens, there is something for everyone here.”  Get more freebies here from Composers Monthly.

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Free Online Art Lessons

Free Online Art Classes, created by Lois DeWitt, is information-rich art instruction presented in simple, step-by-step format.  The website is an ever-expanding series of step-by-step art lessons and videos in many art subjects including, Painting, Drawing, Collage, Oil Pastels, Colored Pencils, Conte Crayon, Printmaking, Jewelry Making, Finding The Artist Within, and much more! Here is good information and links relating to creativity in many areas including gardening, lighting, homeschooling, travel, aging and cooking.

“There are loads of great tips, resources and ideas in these, but not a lot of flashy bells and whistles… it’s an experienced teacher talking to you and showing you how to do the assignments. This is a great old-school resource for young artists to develop basic art skills.” Jim Erskine, Wholesome Childhood/Homeschool Freebie of the Day

learnoutloud philosophyOver 500 Free Courses on LearnOutLoudThe Free Courses Collection features over 500 free online courses available on audio and video. In this collection you’ll find free college level courses from top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, MIT, and many other prestigious institutions of learning. We’ve also added free courses from other sources such as podcasts, YouTube channels, and more. And these are all available for free on audio & video formats such as streaming video or MP3 audio download. Start a free course today!Over 500 Free Audio & Video Courses in the Free Courses Collection

Free Resources Every Day – With Subscriber Exclusives by Email When You Sign-up for Updates.

Online Storytime
from Barnes & Noble

This had vanished for a while, so when I found the links available again I updated the info on this post. Go look at it because it’ll get you the Barnes & Noble site for the other books. Children’s books read by the author!

DailyLit: A Small Dose of Literature Every Day

The idea for DailyLit was born after the New York Times serialized a few classic works in special supplements a few summers ago. The founders of DailyLit wound up reading books that they had always meant to simply by virtue of making them part of their daily routine of reading the newspaper. The only thing people do more consistently than read the paper is read email, so the founders put together a first version of the website and began reading War of the Worlds and Pride and Prejudice. After adding more books and feature, DailyLit was born. The website offers forums, the ability to create book lists, and a place to rate and review books. To use the site, simply choose a book to read and enter your email address. Installments arrive by email according to the schedule you set, but you may request additional installments immediately on demand. Titles include bestselling and award winning titles from literary fiction and romance to language learning and science fiction. DailyLit


Growing Without Schooling Magazine Archives: 1977-2001 All issues of the historic magazine, Growing Without Schooling (GWS), are now available for free public access! Growing Without Schooling was the very first national magazine about homeschooling, unschooling, and learning outside of traditional school. It was founded by the late author/teacher John Holt in 1977. In addition to 24 years of personal stories, news articles, and research in each issue through 2001, the magazine website also contains new information about John Holt and his work, including never-before-released video footage of Holt, photographs, and newly digitized audio files of his interviews and lectures.


United States Mint: Coin Curricula

Learn about coins from the United States Mint: a “wealth” of information and activities.


According to the the New York Times – “Fewer than half of American eighth graders knew the purpose of the Bill of Rights on the most recent national civics examination, and only one in 10 demonstrated acceptable knowledge of the checks and balances among the legislative, executive and judicial branches, according to test results released on Wednesday.” This website, by a nonprofit group started by former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor,  has games to learn civics.  Even if you went over the basics of government this year (yawn… not the most exciting topic), this will surely add to it!


Hillsdale College’s Online Courses!

“History 101: Western Heritage – From the Book of Genesis to John Locke” is a free, ten-week, not-for-credit online course offered by Hillsdale College. This online course covers such topics as Hebrew civilization, classical Greece and Rome, the advent and spread of Christianity, the Renaissance and Reformation, the scientific enlightenment, and the English Revolution of 1688, whose principles will later inspire America’s founders. Lectures are delivered and Q&A sessions conducted by members of Hillsdale’s history department faculty, and readings are drawn from the Western Heritage reader used in the Western Heritage core course taught on Hillsdale’s campus. Each lecture is pre-recorded and lasts approximately 40 minutes.  (Note: Select portions from Hillsdale’s Western Heritage reader used for History 101 are provided free-of-charge through our website. You can receive a printed copy of the Western Heritage  reader for a tax-deductible gift of $100.)
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It is the Greek letter


It sounds like the “x” in “box” 

Koine Greek Alphabet Summary (symbol, letter, and pronunciation) From Greek ‘n’ Stuff


The National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) is a growing library of high-quality online course content for students and faculty in higher education, high school and Advanced Placement. NROC is a non-profit project and course content is an Open Educational Resource — which means it is available at no cost for individual use at the website.
You can also use the NROC content at HippoCampus. HippoCampus is a more engaging interface and includes features such as the ability to create your own “playlists” of courses.  We have found many uses in our homeschool for HippoCampus courses. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Khan Academy Learn almost anything for free. With a library of over 2,400 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 125 practice exercises, we’re on a mission to help you learn whatever you want, whenever you want, at your own pace. The Khan Academy is an organization on a mission. We’re a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere. All of the site’s resources are available to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology. The Khan Academy’s materials and resources are available to you completely free of charge.

The Learners TV website offers a Huge collection of Video Lectures, Video Courses, Science Animations, Lecture Notes, Online Tests, and Lecture Presentations for high school age & up students! (There are over 14,800 video lectures alone on this site, not to mention a whole pile of supporting resources and videos.) Subjects include: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Math & Statistics, Computer Science, and much more. There are some ad links on the site, but most everything here is free and directly clickable, with no sign-ups required. If you are homeschooling high school, definitely check this out! (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

A relevant, interactive, FREE, twice-weekly ezine packed with great reader tips, reviews, & practical encouragement for homeschool families.

As families are considering programs, please research this to be spared disappointment and possible  financial loss. This is a continuing legal battle which began in August 2009.

 Kickapoo Valley Reserve has this awesome bird identification resource. Nearly 200 specific birds in Southwestern Wisconsin are listed here. Identification includes photos and audio. The Kickapoo Valley Reserve is an 8,569 acre tract of land located between the villages of LaFarge and Ontario in southwestern Wisconsin. Its history, resources, administration, and recreational diversity make it unique – a place like no other.

THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS’ CLASSROOM MATERIALS FOR TEACHERS Site A veritable treasure trove of resource materials on American history.  Using the Library of Congress’ primary sources, there are lesson plans, themed resources, and activities created by teachers for teachers.  To search the collections,  just click on each category listed on their page.  Each of section will take you to dozens of downloadable and online resources to enhance your history studies.   Click here to go to the site! ====================================================

Courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency: “This picture book will introduce you to 21 endangered and threatened plants and animals found in the United States. Print the pages and use your crayons to bring to life oceans, swamps, deserts, islands and a variety of plants and animals. If we all work together, we can continue to share the earth with these fascinating and important species and enjoy them in the wild — not only in the pages of books.” Nicely done text, good coloring pictures, and educational to boot. Your tax dollars at workClick here to get your copy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Keep teens safe online Downloadable from Microsoft in partnership with security expert and author, Linda McCarthy, a free downloadable version of her new book, “Own Your Space – Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online.” Written for Internet savvy “tweens” and teens specifically, this book is also a useful resource for the adults they rely on. Own Your Space–Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ has over 1,500 pages of free unit studies, science projects, recipe and craft ideas, history activities & many other resources to make homesshooling more enjoyable for both child and parent! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Maps ETC: free maps for home-use

Maps ETC Homepage. Historic maps for students & teachers ETC’s collection of historic maps includes over 5,000 maps representing many different time periods. A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 25 maps in non-commercial school projects without further permission. All maps are available as GIF or JPEG files for screen display as well as in PDF for printing.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Virtual Eye Dissection — one of the FREE educational games and animations offered through eschool online. - eye dissectionReview the eye anatomy,  “pickup” the scalpel and follow the directions: “Click on the scalpel. Drag it to where the sclera meets the cornea.” You can click back on the “Eye Anatomy” button at any time if you missed something. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How fast does the wind blow? What makes things sticky? Where do insects live and plants grow? Check out this site for Hands-on Kid-Friendly Science Activities from the University of California, Berkeley.

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